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Capsule Filling Machine manufacturers
Main Technical Data:
No. of segment bores:35
Capsule Size:00#-5#
Fining Precision:higher than 99%
Power Requirement:380V 50Hz
Power:4Kw (Include Dust Collector)
Vacuum Density:0.02-0.06MPa
Dust Suction:700m3/H  2*105MPa
Overall Dimension:900*900*1900mm1170*1120*2200mm
Whole Body stainless steel 304
Electric motor: SEW-Germany
Electric wire of the Mitsubishi-Japan
Water circulation Vacuum pump
All the documents are in English version.
It has been improved the inner design turret, and imports beeline bearings for each machine from Japan directly, so that it can be sure a longer usage-life and precision of machine.
The working station cam runs under the good lubricating condition, and maintains the inner lubrication of cam slot to a full extent, increasing the pressure pulverization oil pump, thus extends the operation life of the spare parts.
It adopts enlarged Cam, LTPM China has become the one who matches the cam of RU100 to Ru83, while it enhances the stability of the machines and extends the life of the machines to a great extent.
It is controlled by the computer, has a stepless timing with the frequency-conversion, the numeral showing makes an easy operation and clear appearance.
Adopt Plane Spring for filling powder, this type spring can afford TWO BILLION TIMES Pressing, but never changed overall dimension. So it makes the Weight of Powder filling in an accuracy number.
Automatic Capsule Switch operated by Touch Screen avoid Dangerous Accident happens when open the switch by hand into the working station.
Our quality machine use Tanshing Cam box, in automatic capsule filling machine area Honest Business is the most important, Because Customers can’t see the mechanical parts inside. So our company can promise we use the real type but never “labeling type”.Capsule Filling Machine manufacturers

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