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Holistic Bliss Keto  The reason why this period of adaptation is so long is that because you eat carbohydrates continuously for years, your body has unlearned the burning of fat. It's like you have the license but have not driven in years. You then need to recover everything you have learned. Burning fat can have the disadvantage of giving bad breath. Ketones, a byproduct of fat burning, do not smell good. Summary : Most of our contemporaries burn only sugars and do not burn fat because they consume sugars and carbohydrates continuously. 3 types of low carb diets and their effectiveness Normal low carbohydrate diet: 100-150 g daily This is my idea of a "normal" low carbohydrate diet. In fact, the term "original" is better. This value is a return to the amount of carbohydrate consumed by hunter-gatherers.


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