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BoilX Care for problematic skin should be constantly. In the morning, be sure to use a gel for washing, and then an alcohol-free tonic, narrowing the pores, and a nourishing cream. If your skin has acne, treat it with an anti-inflammatory drug. Water is very effective for washing oily skin, slightly acidified with table vinegar or a pinch of citric acid. 10 minutes before washing, you can apply kefir or serum to your face . In the afternoon, you should less often touch your face. If you feel your skin is oily, wipe your face with an antibacterial wipe. You should moisturize dry problem skin during the day and enrich it with nutritious BoilX with a low fat content. In the evening, using make-up remover, remove all cosmetics from the face, wash with foam or gel, and then wipe the skin with a tonic and apply cream. Problem skin - both oily and dry - also requires additional care. For oily skin, you should use peels once or twice a week. Mechanical peels (scrubs) have small solid additives that “scrape” dead scales from the skin, and chemical peels contain acids and dissolve them. But if you have pustules on your skin, do not perform mechanical cleaning, so that they do not become inflamed even more. Care for oily skin involves the use of special masks. For example, a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory mask is made from St. John's wort, calendula, sorrel and coltsfoot, and a drying mask is made from tincture of calendula or egg white with camphor alcohol. Compresses and steam baths are also very good for oily skin (if your vessels are not dilated). For them, you can use chamomile and mint. Cleansers for dry and sensitive skin contain herbal extracts, light oils and vitamins. They soothe the skin and constrict blood vessels. Perform deep cleansing no more than once or twice a month with gentle peels. Masks with this type of skin are needed for its nutrition and hydration. These include, for example, honey-olive, cabbage (leaves are boiled in milk), from egg yolk with olive oil. Remember that your diet , the amount of fluid you use, internal diseases, and even the presence of parasites in the body affect the skin condition . Therefore, if the problem worsens, the consultation of doctors will not hurt you. As for nutrition, you should limit the use of spicy, sweet, fatty and salty foods and, conversely, enrich the diet with vegetables, fruits, dairy products and vitamins E, B. A modern woman has many reasons not to sleep. A restless night at the child’s bed or a friend’s birthday in a nightclub have the same destructive effect on your appearance. But in no case do not allow others to notice it. There are proven techniques to help you look like after a healthy full sleep. Morning after a short sleep is hardly vigorous. Nevertheless, make your climb as productive and comfortable as possible. First of all, you should take a contrast shower.


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