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Some Sort of a Purpose within Runescape Besides Simply
Have you considered eliminating certain useless things from RS Gold like med helms, chainmails and squareshields to simplify the gearing system in runescape since these items dont seem to have any practical applications over their counterparts in full helms, platemails and kiteshields? Or would you be willing to check into reworking these items so they would have some sort of a purpose within runescape besides simply present for being the worse option for any given situation when choosing what gear to create or use?
With mining and smithing rework being so well received (albeit still requiring any adjustments in certain aspects) will we be visiting similar reworks, for example to a skill like woodcutting (and abilities involving logs such as fletching) since the ability is suffering from similar difficulties as mining and smithing were before its rework implementation, where its now more efficient for me to kill creatures to acquire more logs than to actually cut trees?
Can there be a focus to eventually finish pursuit story lines and get all the quest show around the 5th age already? The Christmas cracker was unsatisfactory. With two reports this year I started it at least once a day, I only got crap along with a plushie on one character. Can we have better RNG to get the prizes that are rare? I've been skunked by it! Can Mod Timbo update the GE much more frequently as a lot of the prices are really out of whack with what things are being traded for. Maybe do it every other week at a minimum.
Since Runescape is all but through its teens, and gone through the chunk of its own rebellious phase, its prefrontal cortex is near fully developed: Will Jagex finally listen to its parents and eliminate treasure hunter, introduce more quests and stop introducing shitty arbitrary grinds to force people to play through content they've finished years ago? Why do you only ever select people who has RS within their own username to your WIN 3 Bonds for #FreeStuffFriday giveaway? Wanna Buy OSRS Gold Sale with cheap price? Click Buy OSRS Gold Sale

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