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Jagex doesn't wish to go to the effort of remodeling anyone
It's declared on the day it is the item, no? Otherwise, there's no point to an item of the day in any way. That is all talking about what happens on the day. Often, the wealthiest players are the people who play with the most. They'll be here every day once the thing changes to buy each of them out to sacrifice to your dumb hole or resell at a mark up. Simply because it isn't announced does not mean it is not going to occur. You're severely underestimating this neighborhood functions.Is that many if not all of the folks in that pursuit do not care about culture or anything OSRS gold. Only battling. Tegdak must have gotten the place. He is an actual goblin archeologist. However, Jagex doesn't wish to go to the effort of remodeling anyone or anything if they don't have to, it seems. You go down into Dorgesh-Kaan, it's like stepping into Old school.

Pretty sure Vanescula isn't the biggest fan of Saradomin, however she is site manager for the Everlight.Also, since Tegdak literally introduced Archaeology out Senntisten about 13 years until it really became a thing. Vanescula is the site manager because she is only interested in turning the Everlight off, not because she cares about antiquities. The cave goblins don't have any ulterior motives for being interested. A great deal of people hated from exploring such characters 18, etc, that did not stop historians. People hate killers on streaming services, true crime tales are absolutely killing it.

Not just that. Materials gets really confusing due to the era and jagex assuming your character has lived through the era. I saw a post once that indicated we moved all 5th age quests into a meeting history subquest series and that might be a good idea. A great deal of quests are outdated and must be reworked or in least grapically updated but I don't have any idea how/if they're gonna do that. Zanik storyline is just a trainwreck and Jagex is much more often than not just a meme.

I recall coming back following a year off at a stage and suddenly there's these voiced'Signature Heroes' speaking as though they're these veteran bastards and that we have been on adventures together and we're old companions or some thing and from Zamorak woman, I have never met you in my entire life. Back off, crazy lady. But hey, at least we have a whole group of quests which lets us be loyal to our God that was favorite, and that the Gods got fleshed out from their older two dimensional selves.

Same boat that is exact. It is like, I've been around longer than you and you're treating me like a guy that is new? To be honest, in their own eyes that you ARE the guy. For all we know, they have been living in this world for a long time Buy OSRS GP. They're always out there adventuring while us"adventurers" are just grinding unnecessary skills such as cooking, so it is likely that they're the veteran heroes they assert to be. Anyways, most gamers can't have more than 100 pursuit points and if they dothey only space barred every bit of dialogue that came up.

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