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Take a warm bath with cold water. Which type of bath is better for your skin health?
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Taking a cool shower

Cold water is the water temperature that will help keep the body fresh. But for those who are not used to Taking a cold shower might seem a little harsh. Many people choose to bathe too quickly. I'm not sure   slotxo whether the dirt on the skin will be washed thoroughly or not, which may be a disadvantage for people who do not like to take cold showers. Therefore avoiding to take a shower or take a shower instead

But in terms of advantages In addition to keeping you fresh Cold water also brings a good mood. Helps to burn fat Strengthen immunity Make your skin smooth Not rough And can also help retain water to nourish the skin compared to hot water But during the cold weather Taking a cool shower may result in blood circulation disorders. And may even be shocked at all

Taking a warm bath

Taking a warm bath will help your body relax. This will allow you to bathe comfortably and also help wash away dirt thoroughly. This is because warm water will help open up the pores more than taking a cold shower, it will also help reduce swelling of the body. Help the circulatory system work well. But if you take a long, hot shower This can cause the skin to lose moisture, causing dry and rough skin, and if you've just finished exercising, take a warm shower. May cause the body to lose water And more exhaustion than before as well

How to take a shower for good for your skin health

Hence the best It is to choose a cool shower in the morning to wake the body up, feel awake, and choose a warm shower in the evening or at night. To relax the body, sleep well, or someone may choose to take a warm bath to open the pores. Will be good for cleaning dirt And end up with cold water again To restore freshness animated It's a good choice, however, no matter what type of bath you choose. Should take into account the weather conditions And the environment at that time, such as heavy rain, cold weather and cold showers would not be very appropriate. Or even in extremely hot weather, taking a hot shower is even more unsuitable for regulating body temperature as well. Because it may cause sickness

Taking a shower, while being a simple thing around you, is something you shouldn't be overlooked. Choosing the right water temperature in a variety of situations will not only keep your skin healthy. Also makes the body healthy Not sick either

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